Webmail to Zimbra differences

If your email has recently been upgraded from standard Webmail to our Zimbra service, you will immediately notice differences. Here are some screen shots to familiarize you with the changes.

TIP: When you login for the first time you will need to ACCEPT the security exception for our server. You will probably get a very serious looking warning, but you will need to ACCEPT the exception.

TIP: If you have troubles checking or sending email with an email client like outlook or another device, such as a phone, try adding @YOUR DOMAIN like”@my3mail.net” to your username (example: jdoe@my3mail.net).

The PREFERENCES are in a separate tab, please make sure you click on EACH selection and SCROLL DOWN to see all the options available for each. (Please click on the image to see a larger version)


You can sort mail by selecting the dropdown VIEW and choosing options like oldest to newest, or even turn off the reading pane.


Items that were previously on your webdisk can be found under the BRIEFCASE.

Zimbra allows you to use iCal and cardDav to sync data to your device. If you have an iPhone, please use the following link to setup your device: http://www.tier3consulting.com/email-tips/iphone-caldav-carddav-setup

Please spend a little time becoming accustomed to the new layout and features now available for your use. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tier3 Support using our online form: http://www.tier3consulting.com/support/tier3-contact-us

If you were using alias on your account (i.e. jdoe@my3mail.com vs. jdoe@my3mail.net), you will need to setup PERSONA under PREFERENCES, ACCOUNT, you can setup multiple PERSONA or use one persona for multiple email alias by adding the addresses using semi-colons.

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