iPhone Zimbra email setup

How to set up POP or IMAP email on iPhone 4s for Tier3 Consulting customers using email on our zimbra servers:


Go to settings and select mail accounts:



Your email is your USERID@YOURDOMAINNAME.com

[despite the fact that iPhone says outgoing userid is optional, it is not. your outgoing userid must be the same as your incoming]



You will need to select POP or IMAP for your type of account. If you plan to just review email for this account on your phone and send/receive emails from another computer/laptop, I recommend you select POP (leaving email on the server). Please make sure you regularly empty your trash as needed so you do not fill your quota with unneeded emails. If you want your account to remove any email you have read or deleted then you can remove from server. BUT KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU WILL NOT SEE IT ON YOUR COMPUTER! However, if you plan to utilize your phone as your primary email device and you would like to just “pick up where you left off” when you use your computer/laptop (or vice-versa), then I recommend you select IMAP. Make sure you correctly map your folders for SENT, DRAFTS and TRASH, etc to the folders that you use when you login via your computer/laptop, or your phone will create duplicate folders for its own use (this can be confusing).





POP settings use port 995 while IMAP uses port 993



When turning on NOTES using ZIMBRA, it’s not as intuitive as it might seem. It will create a new EMAIL folder called notes where you can VIEW your notes (i.e. cut/paste) but you cannot edit. However, using TASKS from Zimbra will sync with your iPhone’s “reminders.”




Go to your outgoing server settings by clicking on the SMTP server, select the primary server


Your outgoing (SMTP) settings need to be set to port 587.  The old way to setup outgoing (SMTP) was to use port 25 and spammers have taken over the world 😉  PLEASE SET YOUR OUTGOING PORT TO 587 or you will NOT be able to send from our mail servers.



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