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Blog Easier

Many businesses are interested in “this new blogging thing” that is out there 😉 Blogging is basically defined as a Web Log, hence Blog. It’s not new, just a whole lot easier to do. Many of you, who know me personally, know that I have kept a personal “blog” for over 14 years now (since Jan 1997). As the years have passed, posting to blogs has gone from a tedious task to something as simple as a click of a button. My response to people when they ask if they should blog is “why not?” Many questions come from people who just want to keep in touch with family with a short anecdote and pictures of the grandkids. However, there are legitimate business reasons to keep a blog. It’s an excellent way to keep in touch with your customers by keeping them apprised of new or innovative ways to use your products. Blogging encourages feedback and that is always good. Regardless of whether comments are positive or negative, they encourage your customers to talk to you and allow you to address any concerns or reward and recognize superior performances.

That said, many times the communications of a company are left to the office staff. An excellent example would be a church where the bulletin is often prepared and printed by the church secretary. Imagine how tedious it would be to require this person to also login to the church website and retype or even cut/paste excerpts from the bulletin. True, the ability to cut/paste has made life much easier but websites are still an environment that many church secretaries do not feel comfortable entering.

Now enter Word 2007. Using the same example as above, the church secretary has probably created the bulletin in Word 2007 (or another comparable publishing product). Using Word 2007 you literally click on “create new”, select “New Blog Post” and after a quick set up, it’s a simple as the click of a button to publish to your blog. Now instead of remembering any website information, an authorized user can create and publish posts to a blog.

One detail you must remember before using Word 2007 to blog is to have the website administrator turn on xmlrpc.php, once this task is complete, you are ready to blog using Word 2007.

Microsoft has some helpful screenshots of how to create a new blog post using Word 2007. Keep in mind that using Word 2007 to make a blog post is a simple solution that many users need in order to take that first pensive step into the online community. If you are looking for bells and whistles, you probably want to stick with your theme plugins, otherwise… Blog Easier!

[NOTE:  this post was made using Word 2007]

More About An “About Us” Page

I often have customers spend a lot of time working on their “about us” pages to give details, not “fluff”.  I also like to keep my eye out for news articles that I can direct my customers for more information.

Today, I was browsing around my newslists because I like to subscribe to ALL of them. It’s information overload but I like to see what is good, what is bad, what is weird, what is left and what is right.   Sometimes an article is an excellent example of “WHAT NOT TO DO!”  I found an article from a few days ago that gives excellent advise on how to create an “About Us” page for your website.

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