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Content Filtering

We are often asked how to protect computer, prevent kids at home, or business employees from accessing inappropriate or dangerous content on the Internet.  There are numerous commercial solution available on the market, but most require you to have some IT experience and install an “agent” (software) on each computer you want to protect.  In today’s modern home, there are many ways to access the Internet, more than just the desktop.  We have smart TVs, smart phones, Internet enabled gaming devices just to name a few.  No one software provider has a product for every device out there.  The only real solution, is to filter content at the “router”.

A simple solution to add a lot of protection, is OpenDNS.

We recommend using OpenDNS because it’s great for business and household use.  OpenDNS doesn’t require any additional software or hardware to be installed on your home or business network.  Its free for home use, and the scalable for business use. Features allow businesses and households to set protection levels, view reports, and parents to control what kids see and you can even create a splashpage that they see when a page is blocked “See mom for access to this page” or my personal favorite “You can have access to your web game when your room is clean!” 😉  Reports help make managing a network less confusing.

Since OpenDNS is enabled at the “network”, and not on each individual computer, it also provides some protection to the many “web-enabled” devices in your household or business today, such as iPhones, Androids, tablets, Wii, PSP, xBOX, Nintendo DS, Netbooks, or any other Internet enabled device.

You should always run a quality virus scanner, but If you are looking for an inexpensive way to perform additional web filtering to protect from phishing, malware and much more, go to OpenDNS to learn more and sign-up.

Securing Your Network

Recently, someone asked about securing their home network because they had overheard a coffee shop conversation where someone needed to look up a map or directions and the reply was, “I’ll just open my laptop and you drive around this neighborhood until we find an open network.”  It’s actually more common than you think and many law enforcement agencies have trained volunteers that do just that… drive around your neighborhood looking for open networks, to teach you how to protect yourself.  It used to be just reminding you to close your garage door, but an open network can lead to breached data and identity theft.  Securing your wireless network is easy, but varies between product vendors.  When setting up your wireless network, make sure you enable “wireless security”, such as WEP, WPA or WPA2.