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Some iPhone iOS7 tricks

iPhone iOS7 was released today and it can be a bit overwhelming to have so much change all at once 😉 [look for the iOS 7.0.2 update starting 09/26/13]

Here are a few links to a few tricks to jump start your learning curve:

Apple’s What’s New:

CNet complete guide round-up:

CNet breakdown of various features, some text/some video:,6,9,14&start=0& or


I dropped my phone in the…

I’ve had FOUR phone calls today from people in a panic because they dropped their phone “in the pool… lake… sink… toilet…” (OH… and now I’ve officially had “I dropped my iPod in my beer!” (please follow the same procedure for lakewater 😉 )

The best advice I can give you is: teach your phone to swim 😉 and if that doesn’t work, try this:

Items you will or might need:

1) a zip-close bag full of dry, uncooked rice (NO, to the best of my knowledge, it does NOT matter what kind of rice… just UNCOOKED)

2) distilled water

TURN OFF THE PHONE (iPod, mp3, electronic device, etc.), and/or DO NOT TRY TO TURN IT ON! If possible, take out the battery IMMEDIATELY!

FIRST, if you dropped your device into something “dirt-y” you are going to want to rinse it with DISTILLED water, even if you do not think the water was “dirty” you might want to use distilled water. By DIRT, I mean like lakewater… and I’ll let you decide what to do if it takes a swim in the toilet 😉 PLEASE keep in mind that distilled water is not a disinfectant (and do NOT attempt to use a disinfectant); I want you to use distilled water to get any DIRT out of the phone. If you took a swim in the ocean (or a fishtank) you MUST rinse with distilled water ASAP to get the salt or minerals off of the copper components!

I have been asked about alcohol and there are PROS & CONS to alcohol: 1) rubbing alcohol usually isn’t “strong” enough to clean and dry out without leaving a residue and rubbing alcohol is usually what everyone has in their cabinets. You see, it works wonders on components but if it touches your screen, it will leave a mess. SOOOO, feel free to gently clean the battery, cover, keyboard, etc. with alcohol, but if it has an LCD screen, do NOT submerse your device in rubbing alcohol!

If possible, take out the battery and gently set the phone on the rice, be careful not to get rice or rice dust into the phone. Seal the bag and let it set overnight (the longer the better). DO NOT SHAKE THE BAG. Everyone always calls me back and says the phone screen is clear after just a couple of hours… GOOD… but that does NOT mean the components inside are dry, it just means the rice is working! KEEP IT IN THE BAG OVERNIGHT!

[UPDATE: if you are at a pool and have no rice, as apparently many of you have experienced: you should remove the battery (if possible) and set the device on your dash IN THE SUN. This will at least get the process started until you can go buy rice! if you are at the beach… WAIT… you MUST rinse the salt out of your phone BEFORE it dries!]

This does not always work but I have known people to use this solution multiple times, on the same device, with great results.

[NOTE: many have asked about using a blow dryer. I do NOT recommend this for two reasons: 1) because the forced air may actually push water or debris into areas not previously penetrated, and, 2) because if you use too high of heat, you can damage your phone… and NO… do NOT put your phone in the OVEN!]