Checking email with multiple devices

Are you experiencing “appearing” and “disappearing” email messages between your devices?

If you want to check your email accounts using multiple devices (ie. laptop, work computer, smart phone, etc) you need to use the IMAP protocol.  Often I will receive questions regarding why an email showed up on a laptop but not on the phone (or vice-versa).  The answer is almost always because one of the devices (where the email showed up originally) is set to use POP.  In English, POP is what it sounds like, it POP’s the email off the server and puts it on your device (this is not exactly what happens but it helps to imagine it that way 😉 ).  IMAP protocol allows you to set folders, filters etc for use for multiple devices.  If you mark something as “read” on one device, it will show up “read” on the others (same for “unread”, it’s a nice feature).

I have written instructions for Tier3 email clients to set up their devices using our servers but if you know your providers’ incoming/outgoing server information, the instructions would be the same… just use THEIR information and not ours.

iPhone Zimbra email setup

Many devices and/or email clients will not let you “change” your setup from POP to IMAP.  You will most likely need to delete that account and recreate it using IMAP.  HOWEVER,  I recommend that you capture all your filters prior to deletion because filters are associated with the account.  (Do you have auto-archiving associated with the account?)