Simple Excel Tutorial

Over the years, I have volunteered to teach non-profit groups (such as teachers, PTO organizations, club teams, church office staff, and many more) how to use Microsoft Excel properly.  I am often asked why I volunteer my time.  First, because I like to volunteer, but more importantly, as a volunteer, I often receive data in spreadsheet format and have noticed on many occasions that the sender of the data has spent countless hours trying to format their data to look nice; either on screen or for printing.  I cringe, because I know it took HOURS, when it could have taken seconds.  I know that I will spend hours UNDOING the incorrect formatting to use the data, so I would rather teach others to do it properly the first time.  The cumulative community benefit far outweighs any fee I would normally charge for a training session.  Imagine a teacher saving hours, or the entire school staff?  or the PTO organization that now has the ability to properly track volunteers and can now share that data with the teachers.  The cost savings is invaluable.

I have created a slideshow and .pdf documents to go along with training spreadsheets (.xls) and I have used this exact same presentation for many years.  I have posted the slideshow for public use, however, if you would like any other .pdf documents or the training .xls document that accompanies the slideshow, please send me an email and I will be glad to assist.

Microsoft Excel QuickTips

This document is not intended for advanced users.  I review basic Windows functions and introduce simple formatting techniques for Excel.  If you are an intermediate/advanced user and need assistance, send me an email and I will be happy to “raise the bar” to help you achieve more with your Excel document.  There are literally hundreds of functions you can use, including macros and Visual Basic code you can create for your specific needs.