Sharing Files Online

We are often asked what is the best software to purchase so that employees can share files in the office, and then the next question is “can I get to that from the internet?”  That’s a loaded question that most IT departments do not want you to ask.  Allowing access to internal networks is often a lot trickier than most users think.  And stepping out of the office, what if you just want to share files with your family, have kids create a project together, organize photos for a sports club?  The answer to all of the above can be simple… use DropBox.

Here’s the definition of DropBox according to wikipedia

DropBox has been around for a while now and many articles have been written about it’s features and uses, including MaximumPC, and Forbes and many others.  To learn more about DropBox and download a copy visit their website:

You might have questions about security regarding your files, this is what their website says:

We always suggest that you use common sense regarding your data.  If you feel like something should be “classified” then you will want to do more research before storing your files (because you will want to know how their data is backed up and restored… their data being YOUR data).  However, if you are trying to share pictures of Auntie Em and her prize apple pie… this is for you!

More About An “About Us” Page

I often have customers spend a lot of time working on their “about us” pages to give details, not “fluff”.  I also like to keep my eye out for news articles that I can direct my customers for more information.

Today, I was browsing around my newslists because I like to subscribe to ALL of them. It’s information overload but I like to see what is good, what is bad, what is weird, what is left and what is right.   Sometimes an article is an excellent example of “WHAT NOT TO DO!”  I found an article from a few days ago that gives excellent advise on how to create an “About Us” page for your website.

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